8. Kids Croquembouche

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All our Croquembouche towers are made with our delicious profiteroles filled with your choice of available custard – vanilla, chocolate, coffee, grand marnier or a mix! We usually recommend 2 to 3 profiteroles per person but that also depends on the size of your event and if you will be having other sweets or desserts. We have a minimum of 30 balls per Croquembouche (measuring around 40 cm tall) in order to give you the basic shape. These MUST be refrigerated prior to consumption. 

Creating a WOW factor is something easily done with any of these amazing Croquembouches, you will not be disappointed! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, christening or anything in between you can never go wrong with any of our classics or more extravagant styles. Check out our gallery for all photos and prices. 


30 Balls, 60 Balls, 90 Balls


10 Extra Balls (+$35), 15 Extra Balls (+52.5), 5 Extra balls (+$17.5), None

Choice of Filling

Vanilla, Chocolate, Grand Marnier

Extra Flavour

Chocolate (+$10), Grand Marnier (+$15), No Extra Flavour, Vanilla (+$10)

Extra Topping

Almonds (Free), No Extra Topping